After owning this domain for over a decade, I finally decided to put it to some (good) use. Originally a parking spot to advertise a long gone basement suite from my last house in Strathcona, I just liked the name, so I kept it. I hope you find my little internet suite comfy - do come back often!
  • Blog

    I've wanted to have a blog for some time - I've got some things to say. Occasionally brilliant, sometimes better kept to myself, but thoughts none the less. Partake in my musings won't you?

  • Art

    Recently, I've felt a need to do some art. I run a design studio which you would think is a very creative endeavor, and it is, but it simply doesn't provide the kind of outlet or raw satisfaction you get from splashing some paint around or getting your hands dirty with some paper mache. Take a look at what I've been up to.

  • Photography

    I minored in photography at art school. Like art, I don't get enough time to do much photography at work, although more so than the art thing. I love distressed typography that you see around - twisted vinyl letterforms, rusty signs, wooden type so weathered that the grain comes through like urban driftwood. This stuff really turns my crank. So take a look.