I'm Angry

I haven’t written in my blog for over a year. It’s been busy with work and with Kaoru’s and my new venture. Today I should be working on an important presentation my firm has at 11am tomorrow. It’s a massive project for us, but I’m too angry to focus on it.

I’m not generally a political soul. I prefer to run my business and let those with more political savvy do their thing. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I’m not concerned about the issues, I am.

I vote - generally centre left, Green the past few elections because they used to get $35 per vote, but not anymore thanks to our current government. As a small business owner, my view is that it’s good for any country to swing from left to right every so often to balance the economy with social issues. It’s a belief that is hard to debate, right? Well, if you disagree, then maybe we could debate some time. But it’s what is happening now with our current government eroding what I hold dear as a Canadian that has me so angry I have to jot my feelings down.

I’m angry that science is being tossed out in favour of cow-towing to corporations and big oil. I’m angry that terrorism is being used as a scare tactic in an election when in Canada you’re more likely to die taking a selfie. I’m angry that people’s religious beliefs are being held up as “barbarism” and also used as an election issue. I’m angry that the Prime Minister’s office isn’t taking responsibility for its obvious part in the Duffy affair. I’m angry that thousands of aboriginal women have been murdered or gone missing without an inquiry. I’m angry that a country such as Canada that has always stepped up to the plate with humanitarian aid doesn’t do its part in welcoming thousands more Syrian refugees. I’m angry that my MP (for what he’s worth) has no voice for my constituency but is forced to tow the party line and doesn’t represent my interests. I’m angry that we are focusing military efforts on attacks and building forces rather than on our traditional role of aid and humanitarian support. I’m angry that our rights and freedoms are being compromised by Bill C51. I’m angry that our census has become of little or no use. I’m angry we opted out of the Kyoto Protocol. I'm angry when Harper says marijuana is infinitely more dangerous than tobacco - where's the science in that statement? Need I go on? Yes, I’m angry.

Mostly, I’m angry that Canadians voted a Conservative government in for a second term last election. It’s kinda like voting Bush in for a second term. Ok, maybe it was the fault of the hanging Chad in Florida (to bring it back to graphic design, my profession), they always say no one has ever been killed by graphic design, but I beg to differ. Chad. I thought we as Canadians were smarter than that. Didn’t we already see the damage this government was doing to our country and our global reputation? What has happened since 2011 is a blatant assault on our country’s identity and our position on the world stage as a leader in humanitarian civility and environmental issues.

Yes, I’m ranting. But if you’ve ever thought your vote doesn’t matter, think again. This is the most important election in 20 years for Canadians and it may be the first in that time that British Columbians actually decide which party takes office. We must do our part to make sure our reputation as a world citizen and simply as Canadians doesn’t get further eroded. Do the research. Vote for the best candidate in your riding. Just make sure that person doesn’t support Stephen Harper, because if you vote Conservative you’ll do your neighbourhood no good.

I live in North Vancouver and I’ve done the research. While I like Claire Martin of the Greens, she will never get elected in this riding that is traditionally Conservative (Andrew Saxton is the Conservative incumbent). I’m throwing my support behind Jonathan Wilkinson, Liberal, a young, articulate tech CEO who speaks well of rebuilding what makes Canada, Canada. I like the youth of Justin Trudeau too, and while he’s not who I’m voting for (remember we vote for who will represent our riding!), I believe he’d represent Canada well on the global stage. If you happen to live in my riding, I urge you to vote for Jonathan Wilkinson.

Thanks for listening. Now back to regularly scheduled presentation prep (oh, and dinner).

Mary Jane and Rob in Ontario (6 years ago)
Well said, Dave. We will be voting Liberal in our riding, Don Valley West, too. Our candidate lost by 111 votes in 2011. To feel even better about Justin Trudeau, read the article by Ian Brown in the Focus section in Saturday's Globe and Mail.
On our front lawn, not with my permission, we have a sign that has a photo of Stephen Harper with the words, "Big Brother is watching" on top and bottom. So far, the neighbours have given it a thumbs up.

David(6 years ago)
Did Rob post that? Awesome!

Paul(6 years ago)
Sir... you write as though you have you been inside my head taking notes. However, your excellent list includes neither the proroguing of Parliament nor my favourite; renaming the Government of Canada to The Harper Government!

David(6 years ago)
Ah yes, the prorogue. The list does go on...

Kate Holt(6 years ago)
It's hard not to rant these days - it is somewhat comforting that Canadians across the country are as heartsick as I am. As an Alberta resident, the difference in our province - in terms of optimism, hope and pride - has been epic since Rachel Notley took office. Yes, there are knobs (that's the nicer descriptor) who believe that the current NDP government is responsible for our current problems. They've been in office mere months. Point being: it is hard to reason with ignorance born of ideology. I desperately hope Canadians realize that the best of what Canada represents has been aggressively and deliberately eroded since our current government came into power. I wish we could have a stronger Green representation, as I think they are a party with much to offer, especially now.

Dave Mason(6 years ago)
Well said Dave. I feel it too, but unfortunately I have no say - regardless of my citizenship I have no right to vote simply because of my 'billing address'. My only hope is that there are enough Canadians with enough intelligence to put Canada back on the path to hope, honor and respect. Fear, divisiveness, exclusion, corruption, inequality and suppression of human rights are brand attributes that belong in Canada's past, not its future.

Matt Hex(6 years ago)
Well put Mr. Coates.
Seriously... Fuck that guy. He is in the process of destroying what makes Canada awesome, and if he gets another term? Well, that is a lot more time to execute his wicked plan. I was pondering the upcoming election this past weekend, and like you, I don't consider myself overly political, but damn if I wasn't getting worked up thinking about all the dick moves Harper has pulled in the last while, not to mention his entire run. Not to sound alarmist, but HARPER MUST BE STOPPED. I usually advocate for voting for the candidate that best matches your personal values and morales. However, in this election (and I hate to say it), please vote for the candidate in your riding that has the best chance of beating the Conservatives. Green, orange, or red, back whichever has the most support in order to bump out the blue.

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