• Today I fired a client. It's never a pleasant experience seeing all that potential go away - not so much the money, but the potential of the partnership - what we could have brought to the table to help move their business forward beyond what the original contract outlined in tactical implementation. Sometimes they just don't understand. Sometimes the business ethos just doesn't match up. Fair enough.

    Today it was about being forced into working with a supplier who we warned wouldn't deliver and inevitably didn't. Clearly it's not appropriate to go into details but it brings up the question whether the recommendations we make to clients are taken seriously. Are pre-existing relationships with suppliers worth more than with a design partner even if the party in question is not providing products and services in the best interest of the client? Even if we clearly reveal this to the client? In this case, apparently not.

  • What can be said that hasn't already been ruminated extensively about the man? Well, for starters, I miss him. There's a hole in my Apple where he used to live.

    I've had a close relationship with Steve since I bought my first Mac back in 1989. Back in those days buying a Mac was akin to scoring drugs. They weren't sold in regular stores like today, back then you had to source your Mac through hard to find, shady resellers (in Vancouver anyway), and this wouldn't change for many years. I felt like I had scored.

  • If you know me, you know I love distressed typography. The stuff that's worked hard for years and is showing the wear and tear of selflessly doing the work without so much as a word of praise.

    Mexico is certainly the place to come for lovers of well aged type. Naive hand lettered, ceramic tile, stones embedded in the entrance ways to shops, rusty sign posts, or simply a row of mysterious products on the shelf of a local market - it's all here.

  • World Graphics Day, celebrated annually on April 27, marks the anniversary of the founding of Icograda (International Council of Graphic Design Associations) in 1963 and a day to celebrate the profession of graphic design. I often reflect on the state of our industry on this day, and I must admit I'm feeling optimistic.

    I'm a designosaur

    Since I've been in the business over the past few decades we have seen monumental changes in our industry with the advent of the personal computer and democratization of what once seemed almost magical tools of the trade to the general populace. We've seen whole industries of trades people disappear - from typesetters to prepress and film houses and the virtual disappearance of film as a medium both in graphic trades and professional photography. Take a look at Kodak, a company founded on layers of emulsion, have abandoned film altogether - ouch!