• What's going on these days? Kids don't masturbate anymore. The single greatest pleasure of pubescent youth has been replaced by texturbation - yes texturbation, I just coined that.

    Defined as the joy of playing with yourself through the phone, Facebook and twitter. How can this be? The once treasured and oft' thought hidden self satisfaction and "ME" time has been replaced by an orgasmic relationship with the phone!

  • I wrote this for my friends on the GDC listserv. You may not get the references unless of course you are subscribed.

    'Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the list
    Not a keyboard was clicking, not even Chris';
    The vacation responders were worded with care,
    In hopes that more clients soon would be there.

  • If you know me, you know I love distressed typography. The stuff that's worked hard for years and is showing the wear and tear of selflessly doing the work without so much as a word of praise.

    Mexico is certainly the place to come for lovers of well aged type. Naive hand lettered, ceramic tile, stones embedded in the entrance ways to shops, rusty sign posts, or simply a row of mysterious products on the shelf of a local market - it's all here.