• What's going on these days? Kids don't masturbate anymore. The single greatest pleasure of pubescent youth has been replaced by texturbation - yes texturbation, I just coined that.

    Defined as the joy of playing with yourself through the phone, Facebook and twitter. How can this be? The once treasured and oft' thought hidden self satisfaction and "ME" time has been replaced by an orgasmic relationship with the phone!

  • What can be said that hasn't already been ruminated extensively about the man? Well, for starters, I miss him. There's a hole in my Apple where he used to live.

    I've had a close relationship with Steve since I bought my first Mac back in 1989. Back in those days buying a Mac was akin to scoring drugs. They weren't sold in regular stores like today, back then you had to source your Mac through hard to find, shady resellers (in Vancouver anyway), and this wouldn't change for many years. I felt like I had scored.